RIBEIRO MOOJEN COMBINE 2021    After reviewing the latest covid announcements and after meeting with several NCAA coaches, we have chosen the BEST dates for our 2021 combine:    GIRLS:  July 10-11    BOYS: July 17-18    ...
Alyssa will join RMPUS girls program at The sacred Heart School Of Montreal starting fall 2021.  Source: RMPUS
Alyssa will join RMPUS fall 2021
Please help us welcome Joao Marcelo to RMPUS.  Source: RMPUS Media
From Brazil to our prep school
    Due partly to a bicycle supply shortage caused indirectly by the pandemic, for the first time in two years, Lex Albrecht finally celebrated New Bike Day at Cycles Tecnhnique bike shop in Montreal, Québec. "It was worth the wait, it's...
BMC URS-01 Two Gravel Bike - Lex Celebrates New Bike Day
We are glad to complete the transfer of Stella Downing from the University of Memphis to Ole Miss University ( top 15 ranked NCAA 1).  Source: RIBEIRO MOOJEN MEDIA
Team Canada U17 in the NCAA 1
RIBEIRO MOOJEN COMBINE 2021Alyssa will join RMPUS fall 2021From Brazil to our prep school BMC URS-01 Two Gravel Bike - Lex Celebrates New Bike DayTeam Canada U17 in the NCAA 1
soccer Welcome to coach Aziz Dieng Coach Dieng joins RMPUS. Aziz was born in Senegal and played professional soccer in France and in the US. He also posesses the UEFA B license as well as the Canadian B license. Welcome to RMPUS Aziz! Source: RIBEIRO-MOOJEN MEDIA
bicycle Rumours of LexVSLaraque 4: NHL Hockey Player, Georges Laraque Against Pro Cyclist Lex Albrecht     Lex Albrecht and Georges Laraque have raced three times since 2014. The first race was on Mont Royal, in the snow. The second race was a sprint on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The third bicycle race between Lex and former Montreal...
softball Quebec Rebelles Invitational tournament has been cancelled! Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that is still ongoing and with the government’s recommendations about social distancing with still not authorizing public gatherings, the Quebec Rebelles organization along with the tournament co-directors...
soccer RMPUS partners with UNO UNO will help track our players in training and games. It is a soccer specific GPS device. Welcome to the family UNO. Source: RIBEIRO-MOOJEN MEDIA
soccer Jean Malik in the NCAA 1 We are happy to announce another player joining the the NCAA 1 after having participated in our college soccer combine in Montreal. We give them the exposure and the opportunity they need to shine. Congrats JM.  Source: RIBEIRO MOOJEN MEDIA
bicycle Lex Albrecht Hosts the Preem Show from Montreal, on a BIXI Lex Albrecht Hosts the Preem Show from Montreal, on a BIXI April 21st, 2021 17:05 Lex Albrecht hosts the Preem Show from Montreal Canada         Lex Albrecht hosts Episode 7 of Preem TV's weekly show, The Preem Show. Running...
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